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December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Chisi Vet Newsletter 

Christmas is almost upon us and 2019 around the corner.

We would like to wish you all a relaxing, enjoyable and trouble-free festive season and we also thank you for your support and understanding in these difficult economic times. We strive to make our practice consistent and reliable and continue to offer help and relief to all animals in need. We have so many many thank yous to you, our special clients.

Firstly, we have found homes for so many orphan kittens this year – I am sure a big help to SPCA, who are already clogged with homeless animals. It is kitten season, so sadly, still not enough homes. Secondly, the VAWZ walk was a huge success and once again, Clare raised a good sum of money for them, even though she was only walking 5 km. On the other hand, Robyn did the very tough Blue Cross walk and raised money for Mutare SPCA. So a very big thank you to all of you who dug deep.

Please note our Xmas opening hours:-

Sat 22 Dec – normal hours – 8-12 noon

Sun 23 Dec  - 8-10am

Mon 24 Dec – Xmas eve – 8-12 noon

Tues 25 Dec – Xmas day – 8-10am

Weds 26 Dec – Boxing day – 8-10am


Mon 31st Dec – normal hours – 8-6pm

Tues 1st Jan – New Year’s day – 8-10am


As always, we will have a vet on call for afterhour emergencies – please phone 0772253318/0712402062 for assistance.


Checklist for Xmas holidays - whether you are going away or not , think about:-

  • Unplanned/unexpected problems with your animals. Make sure your staff can contact a friend/neighbour for help. Also give them our afterhours emergency number. If the gate accidently gets left open and your dog/cat disappears, do your staff know what to do??
  • Fireworks/lightning and thunder – some pets are very afraid of loud noises so please plan ahead and think about how to help them cope whilst you are away.
  • Putsi maggots – prevalent during the rainy season so make sure the bedding is aired and dried every day.
  • Ticks/fleas – make sure your pets have some form of preventative so that they are not afflicted by biliary/ severe flea-bite dermatitis. We can advise you on the best one to use in your situation.
  • Overeating/eating the wrong food. It is very easy to feed your pets a bit of ham/turkey/mince pie/brandy butter/chocolate and so the list goes on – as we eat, they have a little bit too. However, it is not a normal diet for dogs/cats and the consequences can be a gastroenteritis or, more seriously, a pancreatitis. Even the resultant weight gain can have its problems.