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kittens looking for home

These are our current kittens looking for homes.

If interested, please contact the reception and they will gladly help you choose your ideal pet.

Important news
The drug company which imports our cat/dog vaccine is experiencing some challenges with a regular supply of vaccine to us. Please bear with us. If your pets are due for vaccination this month, please contact us before you bring them in. If we do not have the vaccine in stock, we will notify you as soon as it comes in.

  • Two kittens, black and white male, calico female about 5 weeks old.
  • Picked up at Borrowdale Race Course.
  • Wild and playful but taming down nicely.
  • Ready to go by the end of October.
  • If interested contact reception.

Although the road is a long way from finished, it is now well compacted so that it is a good surface to drive on.

The drums across the road at Drew Rd and Enterprise Rd are misleading because it looks like there is no access at all.

However there is a slip road from Drew Rd and there is still access from Barnes Ave.

Large, adult black/tan male dog found on Princess Drive on 15/8/17 - is at Chisi Vet.

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