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Fly Control

fly controlEight steps to controlling flies around your home.

Repelling flies from your dog

1. Ex-it has excellent fly repellent properties. It can be used on open wounds. The disadvantage is that it is purple in colour.
2. Coopers fly repellent. Also an effective product and is not coloured.
3. Home made remedies –
a. Autan paste mixed with glycerol or liquid paraffin 50:50 can be dispensed from a used roller-ball deodorant bottle.
b. Ask at reception for more remedies.
4. Shoo-fly is a long acting product available in South Africa.

Controlling flies in the environment

All fly repellents only last for a few hours and then need to be reapplied. Controlling flies in your environment is an important and effective way of reducing fly worry for your dogs.

5. Bercol fly traps. These are available from most supermarkets and hardware stores. They need maintenance in rainy weather and must be strategically placed around the periphery of your garden to catch incoming flies. Hanging them on your house or dog’s kennel just attracts flies to those areas.
6. Sticky fly strips – these have limited kill value but are not smelly.
7. Alfacrom 50 – this product is available from hardware stores and Farm and City. It is a powder that is mixed with water to form a pale yellow paste. It kills flies on contact. The paste is toxic and should be painted onto areas of the home that are not accessible to other animals. E.g. Top of walls, roof eves.
8. Fendona – this product is a powder that should be dissolved in water and sprayed onto the walls of your house using a back-pack sprayer. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is white, thus invisible on white walls. This product has one to two months’ residual effect when sprayed in areas that do not catch the rain. It controls flies and mosquitoes. Weight for weight it is less toxic to mammals than salt.

An important part of controlling flies in your area is to get your neighbours to do the same thing. Take one of these for your neighbour if you like.