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Biliary is a tick-borne disease caused by a protozoan blood parasite. The species of biliary that is found in Zimbabwe is called Babesia canis. Hence biliary’s other names, Babesia and Babesiosis. Tick fever is a different disease caused by a parasite called Ehrlichia canis.

The organism is spread to dogs through the bite of a tick and can infect dogs of all ages.

The following information explains our practice policy about general anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia:
At this practice we use the latest anaesthetic agents Propofol and Isoflo, (depending on availability). These drugs are now used extensively for human anaesthesia. Animals anaesthetised with these agents go to sleep in a smooth and well-controlled manner and wake up more rapidly with very little "hangover". They have less effect on a number of vital organs including the liver, kidneys and heart.

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